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Quite Great Music PR is a Quite Great Communications company. For a full range of Quite Great services, please see our main website.

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Call Quite Great digital and online for all your social networking services!

Quite Great communications social media team understand that online social networking is vital for rock, indie, classical and folk acts to create a digital buzz and online pr and publicity.

We use our experience and creative thinking to generate online publicity but the question is how can we make it work for you and your style of music?

Quite Great Digital and Online PR Services offer three main development areas to ensure that you are getting the most out of social media:

- Quite Great site socialisation

- Quite Great profile design

- Quite Great social advertising 



Quite Great Site socialisation for rock bands to folk artists and everything in between

A lot of sites still haven't caught up with the profound changes that social networking has brought to the internet. Is yours one of them? Quite Greats' site socialisation' service gets you up to date, by:

  • Quite Great's digital services aim to make it easy for visitors to become a social network friend / fan directly from your site
  • Quite Great digital offers integrating Facebook, Twitter or Myspace content directly into your site
  • Quite Great digital allow visitors to share your site's content on multiple networks, just by clicking one button
  • Quite Great digital provide you with interactive features, such as message boards or tell-a-friend features
  • Quite Great digital make it possible for users to upload their own content to your site, or post links to it.

You'll end up with a fantastically creative social site, that gives your visitors the best possible chance of engaging with your brand or share your content.

Profile design

Given the importance of social media nowadays, Quite Great digital believe it's important to have profiles that look professional and are consistent with your other marketing materials. We recognise the importance of online publicity.

With Quite Great Digital's profile design service, we can help you customise social network profiles - from Myspace to iLike - and get your profiles looking slick and in tune with your act's image. 


Quite Great digital social advertising

Quite Great's digital advertising on social networks using social ads is an exciting way of promoting and marketing your band or brand.

Quite Great Digital offer cost-effective and creative methods of social advertising and online pr, letting you show your ads to people who are specifically interested in the kind of thing you are promoting. This is key.

For example: you could show an ad on Facebook for your band / brand to people who are 20-25 years old, live in Liverpool, are single and like the Beatles. It's that precise.

This is a crucial part of online marketing and something we specialise in as a creative and modern thinking music promotion agency.

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Our social media services can really help get a buzz going about your act.