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Quite Great Radio Promotions for the UK offers a focused radio campaign for national and also local radio headed up by a team with real experience to get talent heard . Quite Great Radio Promotions offers integrity and determination for our Rock, Indie and Urban acts with the most important first stage for any new act being achieved immediately. By working with the Quite Great radio plugging team you will gain the respect of the producers and other related radio taste makers simply because you have chosen a front line plugger to introduce or develop your band's brand.

The first part of the radio plugging service will be to look at your music if you are a developing act and make sure it is right for the market you are trying to build. If you are an established frontline act then our team will handle you in the way we have been accustomed to take care of major artists at the likes of Sony, Polydor and Warners. Quite Great radio plugging and radio promotions for the UK understand the importance of the best radio promotions methods and the UK music promotions team know they are ambassadors for your music release in the UK hence our great efforts to present your music correctly and within the right time frame to offer the best promotions service for music possible.


How Quite Great can help with radio plugging


Our vast experience and contacts allows us to give you our comprehensive service across the whole of the UK National Radio and TV networks, including Radio 1, 1xtra, Kiss FM, Capital Radio, Radio 2, XFM, 6 Music, Jazz FM, and many more. We can also arrange interviews, live and acoustics sessions and competitions.

We will also present all your music to be considered for sound beds across all major sports channels including Sky, BBC, Euro sport, ESPN, Sky News and all major satellite stations. We all know there are no guarantees in this industry, but here at Quite Great there are some things we do guarantee:

• You will be presented to every National Radio & TV Station.

• You will be presented to every Head of Music, Producer and DJ at those stations.

• Every major player within those stations will know who you are, who your artists are, hear your music, and totally understand exactly what you, your artists, and your label are trying to achieve. 

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