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Quite Great Radio Promotions for the UK offers a focused radio campaign for national and also local radio headed up by a team with real experience to get talent heard . Quite Great Radio Promotions offers integrity and determination for our Rock, Indie and Urban acts with the most important first stage for any new act being achieved immediately. By working with the Quite Great radio plugging team you will gain the respect of the producers and other related radio taste makers simply because you have chosen a front line plugger to introduce or develop your band's brand.

The first part of the radio plugging service will be to look at your music if you are a developing act and make sure it is right for the market you are trying to build. If you are an established frontline act then our team will handle you in the way we have been accustomed to take care of major artists at the likes of Sony, Polydor and Warners. Quite Great radio plugging and radio promotions for the UK understand the importance of the best radio promotions methods and the UK music promotions team know they are ambassadors for your music release in the UK hence our great efforts to present your music correctly and within the right time frame to offer the best promotions service for music possible.


How Quite Great can help with radio plugging


Our vast experience and contacts allows us to give you our comprehensive service across the whole of the UK National Radio and TV networks, including Radio 1, 1xtra, Kiss FM, Capital Radio, Radio 2, XFM, 6 Music, Jazz FM, and many more. We can also arrange interviews, live and acoustics sessions and competitions.

We will also present all your music to be considered for sound beds across all major sports channels including Sky, BBC, Euro sport, ESPN, Sky News and all major satellite stations. We all know there are no guarantees in this industry, but here at Quite Great there are some things we do guarantee:

• You will be presented to every relevant National Radio & TV Station.

• You will be presented to every relevant Head of Music, Producer and DJ at those stations.

• Every major player within those stations will know who you are, who your artists are, hear your music, and totally understand exactly what you, your artists, and your label are trying to achieve. 

It’s not always just about having a track played. Feedback and comments from producers and presenters is essential in guiding an artist’s career and helping to build support and understanding of an act. 

Our national plugger Jo picked this out as an example of one of her favourite quotes, taken from Alex Baker - Fresh Blood, Kerrang! Radio. Upon giving Urban-Punk duo Nova Twins their debut Kerrang! play he described them as ‘’A two piece creating a genre of their own, Urban Punk sums it up perfectly…with vocals as sharp as the busted windows of an East London derelict factory and basslines that Bruno Mars’ bassist would be proud of. Reminds me of old-school lively Hip-Hop. These guys have got it all’’.

Priceless. We work to obtain constructive feedback and gather industry quotes for our artists to build and strengthen their profile and grow their careers. 


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Extra Services 

Radio Promotion That Hits The Streets And Reaches The Public

Quite Great Radio Promotions offer a service that allows us to target non mainstream radio and get your music, if liked by the various stations, to be played across the UK in all places that the public gather. Think about it, when you get played on radio the public have made a decision to listen to that station, but when they are out and about trying on shoes, having lunch in a cafe, buying something for the house, doing food shopping etc etc they will also then ‘bump in to’ your music and make it part of their everyday life.

But is it as good as mainstream radio play? Well it is different, is the answer to that question. On the one hand it picks up royalties therefore very important, but also the larger supermarkets have a footfall of 10 million plus customers a week so out of that number fans must be able to lock into to your music.

How do they know it is my music being played? Well the answer to that is many radio stations that are created especially for High street shops are as likely to mention the artist as mainstream radio but, and this is the great part of getting your music heard in the shopping centres of the UK, the reaction can be much more immediate too, to the wonders of such mobile apps as Shazam.

Your Shazam rating is now vital, with playlists, charts and sharing, the public are now totally at home with hearing music and reacting immediately with hundreds of thousands of people using their app when out and about, Shazam is becoming a popular tool used at Radio 1 and Capital so the higher you can chart the more likely you are to get airplay with those stations and also major labels keep their eyes out for trends as well, so that is why our new service could help you grow rapidly.


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Testimonial  - Andre Marmot, Wormfood Records 

"It was a pleasure working with Alex at Quite Great on the Nubiyan Twist Figure Numatic Single Campaign. He worked really hard in contacting a very wide range of contacts, following up and providing punctual, regular, detailed weekly reports. Look forward to the next campaign."