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email us at ASK@QUITEGREAT.CO.UK SKYPE US AT QUITEGR8 OR PHONE 01223 844440 we have offices in Cambridge , Brighton and Halifax.


For many years Quite Great's creative pop music marketing team have worked with for pop acts on major labels ranging from Ministry of Sound to Universal, Warners and Sony, as well as developing artists both in the UK and outside the UK to increase profile both via creative online publicity and in print media.

The most important thing Quite Great offer pop acts is lateral thinking and a music promotions agency with creative marketing ideas. Quite Great publicity and marketing drive ideas forward, capturing creative story hooks to get that starting point for a pop artist or that much needed playlist.

Whether it be pop acts like Sandi Thom, Newton Faulkner, or pop rock acts like Nickelback or legendary acts we have a tradition of broadening standard media outlets for a pop act whether your music has a rock edge, or is on a dance tip.

In the pop dance world we understand totally how to find the story underlying publicity hook that the band or artist need to generate real press and grab that coverage that others may not even see.

The pop team at Quite Great think about publicity and promotions for pop acts as a way of looking at all aspects of the music that will help generate crucial. It may be a background story that helps us grab publicity in the  pop sections of the likes of The Sunday Times or it may be a brilliant piece of creative thinking that allows the team to hit the pop pages of the tabloids. Quite Great's flexible and structured publicity for pop acts is unlimited. The pop genre allows full creative press and publicity allowing our pop acts to break down media barriers and gain a band or artist the pr impact they warrant.

The pop music market is constantly shifting, but we understand it and have the contacts to maximise a pop artists coverage in the media. Our experience in pop music gives us the upper hand.



 Here's an example of what we did with Sandi Thom: