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If you are an act just starting out or nurturing and developing your music marketing requirements in the United Kingdom, you a need strong music marketing agency a music marketing agency that can help market your band to the public via online, digital and traditional advertising methods and in a way that your band would expect a record label marketing team to operate.If that is the case we can help!

Quite Great offers a music marketing service that helps coordinate projects by both using our inhouse music promotions  team and other third party companies and individuals whether it be music video production companies , cd manufacturing etc. to give you one place and one focus for your reporting and music project management development. Marketing music in Britain is an intense job and indie bands through to guiatar and classical artists need a music marketing firm who think passionately and creatively and let nothing stand in their way when it comes to driving sales.

For non UK artists releasing music in this country Quite Great's music marketing firm acts as an essential bridge for your music needs in the UK and Europe, Quite Great Music marketing can offer bands in the UK the chance to promote their music in the U.S. and beyond via our international music promotions services or for  label across the world looking to releass in the UK a solid base for all your marketing needs.


This is an example of the creative music marketing methods we develop-



Cambridge agency Quite Great has called in to alert us to a short piece in The Sunday Times's Culture section on 'the latest music industry attempt to shape and create word of mouth called "ghost marketing".' Intriguing stuff - but the paper rather simplified this PR concept (Quite Great is deploying it to promote independent releases) as 'a fancy term for leaving CDs lying around'.

Cutting. But Quite Great MD Pete Bassett explains to us he has 'around 60 individuals, students, journalists and so on' who he can call upon to distribute the samplers, which - the idea is - will be picked up, copied and then passed on, rather like a chain-letter.

But just how sophisticated is this? 'I absolutely defend it: you need to leave the CDs in just the right place. But it all depends on how nosy the person who finds it is,' Bassett says.

Camden-based company Invisible Hands Music is one firm that uses Quite Great to promote its acts.

MD Charlie Kennedy tells PRWeek: 'People who come across the sampler CDs can tap their individual numbers into a website. We can then monitor how far they've travelled.' So is ghost marketing a worldwide PR phenomenon? 'They've made it to Beirut, Sao Paulo, Auckland and, er, Blackpool,' laughs Kennedy.


The following music marketing  service can be offered - :

UK Distribution and Sales

Quite Great Music Marketing offer regular liaison and communication with the chosen distribution partner updating the distributor with radio and press news, preparing sales notes for use by both national accounts and independent stores, seek co-op advertising opportunities with retail. Update client with progress.

The Quite Great Music and Marketing firm, offer a one stop design and advertising team full of creative ideas to help your project grow and also to fit all budgets.

UK TV, Radio and Press

The Quite Great Music Marketing team liaise with chosen promotion team to agree release date and promotion strategy with agreed targets. Monitor progress from the teams, feeding information to all and on to sales.Update client with progress.

 UK Manufacturing

The Quite Great Music Marketing team utilise long-standing relationship with a broker to obtain print and CD manufacturing at the most competitive price to be approved by client and ensuring timely delivery to distribution.


Working relationships with photographers across the spectrum of cost can also be sourced to give your image the creative ignition it needs to really hit the media and public effectively.

MCPS,PPL,PRS,barcodes etc..

Quite Great Music Marketing will ensure your product is correctly registered with the various industry organisations so that the data for your record and your songs is correct and that you receive what is due

We would seek initial interest and obtain deal proposals from interested parties for final approval by client. If a deal is secured we would liaise with the overseas territory, monitor their plans and activities, and advise client accordingly.

This full music marketing package naturally relates only to the expertise we can offer and designers, photographers etc would be subject to fees as agreed with them.

Quite Great Music Marketing are the centre point and the focus of the development for your music whether you are in the UK or outside the UK, making sure budgets are adhered to and making sure that all other experts in their field are brought in at the correct times and making sure that we do not waste money.

Quite Great Music Marketing can help develop a uniform image to present the band or artist in a way that projects one style and one message. We provide everything from apps to video to advertising under one roof.