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Quite Great Music PR is a Quite Great Communications company. For a full range of Quite Great services, please see our main website.

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Brand and Marketing Services

We are a boutique brand and marketing agency specialising in targeting specific audiences including women, parents and their children. With a wealth of experience we are able to tailor your campaign to your requirements and objectives.

Our brand and marketing services include:

Market Research and Strategic Development

We enable you get to know more about your consumer groups so you can better market your brand by helping you clearly define and shape your consumer’s attitudes and buying habits. We develop a specific research plan that leverages insights and trends in the marketplace whilst enabling you to save time and money by delivering the right message, to the right person at the right time.

Focus Groups and Surveys

We provide a brand analysis to uncover ways to increase awareness, sales and profit by gaining valuable insights conducting research with your target consumer groups. We capture their opinions and views through a number of ways including:

  • Virtual Focus Groups

  • Online, Mobile and Face to Face Polls and Surveys

  • Face to face Focus Groups

  • Video and Blog Journaling


We understand the value of strategic business development and partnerships. It not only expands your brand's business model to include new revenue but also enhances branding efforts. Partnerships can be an effective marketing initiative to acquire customers. Good partnerships are created when both partners benefit from the relationship. We help develop strong strategic partnerships that make sense for your brand.

Grassroots Marketing and Product Sampling

Do you want to create awareness for your product among influential consumer groups? Not only can we help get your product into the hands of your consumers (with particular expertise with parents and kids), but we get them talking and sharing their views with their friends. We help you connect your brand with the ultimate consumers in their own environments – capturing their hearts and minds.

Our approach to grassroots marketing helps you build strong, lasting relationships with a specific group or community. By being an invaluable resource and helping tie your brand’s objectives to the community’s needs, you can create a win win for everyone. Ultimately, get it right and it leads to loyal consumers, enhanced reputation, strengthened brand awareness and increased sales.

School Tours

Not every pop group or stage show is right for every school. Ad hoc tours do not often translate into sales. We are experienced in booking school tours that ensure the students are your target market and have parents who are the right demographic (that translates into ticket or album sales). We endeavour to help you leave souvenirs behind so not only the children are engaged, but they will bring the messages home in tangible ways so that the parents also become engaged. Our planning and understanding of the school market makes sure you get maximum return on your budget.


Though focus groups, market research, as well as using our own insight and experience, we can help you brand your product in an impactful and creative way. Understanding the key drivers of your target audience will lead to brand adoption and brand loyalty. We will help you find out how to best communicate and build your brand awareness by providing you with valuable feedback from your potential customers and working with you to make sure your message is clear and memorable.