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Introducing: CallMeTheKidd 

Grime’s newest star, CallMeTheKidd has hit the scene and wasted no time making a splash! CallMeTheKidd is due to new release single ‘Jungle’ in December.

In the meantime, CallMeTheKid has just released the video to hot new track ‘Jungle’. The video is an impressive production and see’s the dapper star literally take it to the jungle with his beautiful date and charms his way through the performance.

Catch the video here:

After almost following a career in professional basketball in America, Peter found his true calling in the form of writing and producing grime music. CallMeTheKidd says ‘’I started off with grime music but I now write & produce all sorts of music – Rap, Pop, RnB etc’’, of which he has been an avid fan of since the young age of 12. The track ‘Jungle’ has insanely tight production, and the beat and lyrics are especially catchy. The track depicts what goes through a man’s head when first meeting a woman – the aspect of love vs. lust is incorporated as he battles a conflict of desires in his head.


Inspirational Story: Si Cranstoun's Music Helps To Save Woman's Life 

The PR team at Quite Great were truly stunned and inspired to learn of this amazing story. 

Cheryl Horton-Powell tragically suffered unexpected catastrophic heart failure and medics warned her loved ones that her chances of a full recovery were very slim.

However, amazingly the 53-year-old mother was brought out of a coma when her daughter played her favourite song by artist, Si Cranstoun. Cheryl's loving family refused to give up on her and were stunned when she began to tap her feet along to ‘Dynamo’ by Si Cranstoun.


Here is the Video Clip from the show, in which Si hears the inspirational story for the first time. (We love his face, true shock!)

Since hearing about how his music helped to bring her back to life, musician Si and Cherly have been in touch and Si has offered to help Cheryl arrange a fundraising event for the cardiac intensive care unit at Southampton General Hospital and the British Heart Foundation.


ITV’s New Drama Grantchester Tops BBC Number Of Viewers


So who settled in for a cosy, cold autumnal evening with brand new ITV drama Grantchester last night? What did you think...? We absolutely loved it! Grantchester looked beautiful and it was pretty exciting to see a part of the earth we know very well on our screens at home.

As for the drama the Quite Great team have settled on the verdict that it’s a slow burner and we think each episode is just going to get more and more gripping. Stunning acting from some of the UK’s finest talents. And the costumes...don’t get us started!

Some of the extras in the series are locals from the village, we have our autograph books at the ready whilst cruising around the village today, never know who you might see.

UK TV ratings tweeted this morning that the new drama was seen by 5.77 million UK viewers, topping BBC 1’s show New Tricks that was received a mere 4.80 million viewers!

 It feels pretty cool heading into work on a TV set, we’re super proud of Grantchester.  If you haven’t done so already  check out the Grantchester website here:

Created by the talented PR talents at Quite Great.

Here are some of our favourite tweets following Grantchester’s premier....

Thomas Mogford ‏@ThomasMogford  

Pretty much a clean sweep of love for @james_runcie 's #Grantchester in the papers today -- fully deserved, perfect autumnal viewing...

Steven Hall ‏@StevenHallDOP

Really nice work last night, excellent TV Drama. Thanks @Emlyjkl it was great to have been involved #Grantchester

Keir Shiels ‏@keirshiels 14h14 hours ago

I can confirm that all vicars in Cambridge look exactly like this. #Grantchester


Quite Great Design New Grantchester Website 

They're a smart bunch, the technical wizzards at Quite Great, they have designed this spectacular  new website for the picturess Cambridge village of Grantchester. Being a PR agency based in Grantchester we do consider ourselves somewhat experts on this pretty part of the world. It’s been a pleasure putting this website together and we’re proud to share with you the beauty of Grantchester. The village has an interesting and long history and it’s been a joy to collate all the wonder of the village into one space.

The launch of the website is set to coincide with the launch of brand new ITV Drama, Grantchester. The six-part drama  is set in 1953 and is adapted from the novel, ‘Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death’ by James Runcie, the son of ex-Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie.

The drama focuses upon the life of Sidney Chambers, a charismatic, charming clergyman who turns investigative vicar when one of his parishioners dies in suspicious circumstances. His partner in crime is over-worked Police Inspector, Geordie Keating, a man two inches shorter than he’d like to be, with scuffed shoes and hair not as familiar with a comb as it should be. Troubled by nightmares and recurring flashbacks to the time he served in the Scot’s Guards, Sidney is the moral compass of the drama with a desire to put right the wrongs of the past.


Catch this exciting new drama from Monday 6th June. Grab a sneak peak of what’s to come here:

If you just can’t wait for Monday and already need to know more, you can get some more info about it here:

The website is designed to be a space for the local community, visitors and fans of the new drama to find out hidden secrets about the village, get involved in forums, share pretty pictures of Grantchester and avid fans can even bag themselves some Granchester goodies.

We’d love to know what you think. Check out the new page, leave your comments and get involved.



Marconi Union's track 'Weightless' is #1 track proven to help you unwind 



The Manchester ambient band, Marconi Union have had their track 'Weightless' named 'The Most Relaxing Song Ever' (Proven by science!). 

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of hearing the track catch it here, with its super relaxing video too..

The band’s music straddles the worlds of artistic credibility and musical accessibility and tracks from previous albums have been selected as the beautiful backdrop to television commercials, drama and documentary films worldwide and to accompany art installations, theatre and ballet. 

During the process of recording ”Weightless”, a number of musical ideas captured MU's imagination and unable to explore them all in a one piece they decided to make more music using the same approach. It soon became apparent that this was turning into an album-length work and it was decided that this album should become part of their Ambient Transmissions series.  

The new album comprises six tracks, simply entitled Part 1 to Part 6. The tracks are minimal, combining warm drones and drifting sounds with occasional sparse rhythms. Part 1 is the original “Weightless” track, which almost appears to have a heartbeat running through it, slowing down very gently throughout the piece, encouraging a deep sense of relaxation in the body, it's  use of specific rhythms, deep bass tones, frequencies and intervals inducing an almost trance like state in the listener. It has already attracted over 12 million worldwide views on YouTube and 5 million followers on Soundcloud. A recent posting about the track on the Mind Unleashed (following of 4.5 million) attracted nearly 16,000 likes and 13,000 shares – the interest in this track is phenomenal!  

The Daily Mail covered the story yesterday. See what they had to say here: