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A snapshot of our history in Classical PR

What follows are examples of the artists with whom we have worked , in order to give you an insight into our heritage.


  • Absolute Classics
  • Russell Watson
  • Scapoli
  • Secret Garden
  • Three Tenors, The
  • Vincenzo La Scola 
  • Juliet Pochin
  • Hazlitt
  • Duetto
  • Gianluca
  • Cortez
  • Michael Nyman
  • Simon Mulligan
  • and many , many , many , many classical compilations.


Although we have a strong understanding of all mainstream classical media we pride ourselves on creating an environment for cross-over classical artists to both grab the media attention they deserve and develop a pr profile to drive sales. 

We treat classical artists in the same way as pop acts and aim for impactful pr that creates talking points and strong media traction, by adding a spice of creativity to everything we do, without losing the key elements of the classical talent and the inherent classical outlets.

In the past we have worked alongside  the likes of  the high street brand Hotel Chocolat to create the Pochin chocolate , a chocolate that emulated Juliet's ' beautifully chocolate coated mezzo soprano style'.

With the Three Tenors we sent their music to the moon....well almost! We infact sent the music from one of their great shows to the astronauts at the European space station circling the globe!!

Gianluca dubbed 'the voice of the tango' , has broadened his media profile with the innovative idea of bringing couples together to remind themselves how and why they fell in love. A method of him being able to emphasise his emotional vocal style as well as helping couples not onlyto understand each other by discussion but also by dance and the passion of tango.

Cortez the leading Icelandic tenor was escorted to the Classical Brits by his all female security team to help protect his million dollar jewellery which had been loaned to him for the night by one of the UK's leading designers The visual presence of his team at the Classical Brits brought the red carpet to a standstill and resulted in media attention and headlines.

Hazlitt has been dubbed the Amy Whinehouse of classical music and her talent has brought her to  the attention of leading national newspapers.

We've helped build an awareness for the classical pianist Simon Mulligan with a series of ideas including thelikes of painting zebra crossings in the likeness of a piano keyboard.

We are relentless in our efforts to bring quality artists and creative thinking to the media's attention.

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