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Quite Great! is supposed to be an expression of something that is very good, a feeling and an exclamation!!! of excitement. The name was given to us by my son when he was 5. To him at that age everything was Quite Great!!!  ‘Wow, that goal was quite great!’ when he said those words during England's 4-1 victory over Holland in Euro '96 , it fitted perfectly! - Pete Bassett, Founder of Quite Great PR


Quite Great PR are one of the leading music public relations companies in the UK but have also built relationships with non-musical areas and now have adapted into a music pr and media promotions company. We span all band and brand requirements, specialising in music promotion for rock, metal, folk, pop music, classical and indie. 

Within Quite Great's publicity and marketing development campaigns we try to always think creatively as an ideas agency for UK promotion. 


But most of all we think about our clients! What we can do that others cannot? And that is where lateral thinking publicity and marketing comes in, to add to traditional pr methods and normal structured publicity and marketing. This is what sets us apart as a creative pr firm.

Quite Great throw all our energy into giving you creative promotional and publicity campaigns that deliver strong results. The Quite Great  staff are used to handling pressure and have it instilled into that creativity in pr brings results.

With a team of experienced PR's, excellent relationships with journalists for rock bands, indie guitar bands, classical artists, folk and roots acts as well as dance and urban releases we have  an extensive set of media contacts. Quite Great PR and Marketing are perfectly placed to deliver eye-catching headline grabbing publicity and innovative national and regional press campaigns in the UK. 

Quite Great  have helped to create headlines for Nickelback's classic Rockstar video in order to help gain momentum to get vital radio play. A campaign revolving round creative pr that worked well given the long term impact it had in the UK and beyond.

Combined with innovative management thinking for Sandi Thom's 'streaming to the world from her basement' gig, one great idea grabbed headlines across all national media and success followed.

We helped Newton Faulkner get signed working with Peer music and the legendary promotions man Mick Garbutt founder of Lucid Pr, providing a template for artists trying to get signed.


Got talent? Get pr, get radio interest, get more pr, get more radio and (with the right contacts!)...get the deal!


Victoria Hart and her classic pr campaign is another example of team work. As the story went... She was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar....when she ended up performing to George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Cannes. The Universal record deal followed shortly after. A beautiful vocal talent, great determined management and a QUITE GREAT pr team!

Then there are those stories that grab an artist national coverage from nowhere. Crisp packets instead of traditional cd packaging! A more eco friendly approach to releasing music? But and idea that when conveyed in the right way created coverage in The Guardian ,The Independent and Financial Times.

Quite Great are the music promotions agency that dig deeper into the stories behind the music of our acts, find the things that link their music with their image and thus ignite the media!

But there is no simple prescription to our pr and marketing methods. A true Quite Great creative ethic is built into those who work for the company, hence unique thought provoking publicity for UK and non-UK music and entertainment clients.

Quite Great PR is the music promotion agency who goes further!

Creating tea-room tours; Building pr links with The Mothers Union, The Womens Institute,Relate and various airlines. Along with work for non-UK clients. For example creating a pr campaign that allowed The Estonian Embassy officials to bring pop and education closer together.

Quite Great pr have creative flare 

Painting zebra crossings as piano keys for classical releases. Working with Eddie Stobart's haulage team to promote pop pr for a classic pop act, we drove creative pr stories to help drive sales.   

Quite Great Publicity's lateral thinking, broadened the excitement around an indie band's early release by taking them  on a 'World tour of London' stopping off at streets in central London with country's names reflected in the pr campaign.This helped an indie rock publcity campaign grow and excite the media.

Emblazoning a tour coach as a ghetto blaster to gain Scottish publicity and UK national pr! Worried residents then tried to ban the coach from entering their town as they feared the painted speakers were actually real! Convincing pr.

Quite Great PR have helped unknown punk acts become the first unsigned band to break into the UK Top 40 by galvanising their fans and working extremely hard with a passionate management team .

This lateral  thinking runs deep in the Quite Great company staff ethic and goes back to the days before it's formation when Pete Bassett launched Guns 'n' Roses legendary Use your Illusion 1 and 2 with a very special delivery of albums in a tank at midnight  to a key retailer on Regent Street grabbing headlnes and bringing  central London to a standstill .

And the one that won a commendation at the Music Week Awards in the pr category - The Bee Gees publicity campaign. A planning application for a series of giant 50 foot images of the brothers were to be placed on the side of Battersea Power station’s chimneys, this gathered huge world wide profile.

Quite Great PR's aim is always to lock into marketing campaigns for indie bands through to rock, classical and urban acts and utilise every inch of pr mileage from posters to adverts to zebra crossings(!) in order to bring PR to advertising to the client. Naturally the ability to instigate creative publicity needs to be totally in line with the desires of our acts and management teams as it is their pr direction and pr desires that are at the heart of Quite Great's promotional and marketing campaigns.

Quite Great pr prides itself on working closely with managers, artists and labels to create the stories that will drive sales!